You need a functional, well designed and beautiful business website. One that can be grown to meet your future marketing needs. But, like most small businesses or solopreneurs, you do not have an “infinite” marketing budget! The answer? A custom designed, affordable WordPress website  for you or your business, designed and managed by Eighty / 20 Results.

Our mission

Help you build and maintain that functional, awesome looking, yet super affordable, online marketing engine (your website) and provide you with the information to help you accelerate your online and/or offline revenue growth.

Oh, and if you don’t understand or want to bother with the technical stuff, we can help you there too. Also without breaking the bank!

Functional Design

Here’s a thought:

Good design is, more than anything else, functional design.

What does that mean?

Well, simply put; A website that isn’t easy to navigate and use – no matter what the colors, fonts and graphics are – does not a “well designed website” make!

First and foremost, Eighty / 20 Results will focus on making your online presence functional. Functional, in marketing terms, typically translates to being “goals oriented”. For you, it probably means having a site that speaks to the people or businesses you are trying to attract. An affordable website that contains information that is both useful to, and resonates with your intended target audience. Further, that information needs to be presented to your audience in a such a way that it both reflects you – your personality and/or business culture – as well as the brand you have established / are trying to establish. Not just in terms of layout, colors, fonts and imagery, but also in the language and tone used in your text.

Functional, for you, probably also means a website where you won’t have to hire an expensive web design company (or us) in order to change the text for any of your existing  pages, or if you want to update pictures, add a new page or most other typical customer visible updates. To keep things as simple as possible, we use the super easy to use and maintain WordPress platform as our CMS  – “Content Management System”.

We use WordPress

WordPress is super extensible so it can basically be used for almost anything you can think of doing online:

  • Maybe you’re “just” looking to refresh your old website?
  • Are you looking for a more brochure-like, rarely changing web page or two?
  • Want an online platform to share your thoughts (blog) or broadcasts (podcast) to a new or established audience?
  • Need an online sales funnel to help you build and interact with an email distribution list?
  • Need a website for your customers to sign up to so they can order products or services from you.
  • Want to build an online community for your clients (membership site)?

The WordPress platform is more than likely up for the challenge, and with the right level of cooperation and communication, we’ll be able to help you get a site live and into production in a very short amount of time.

And did we mention we can do it at a really affordable price?

Our Design Process

To help ensure we understand what you are looking for and how you want it presented, long before we even think about drawing up a site layout proposal, we interview you about your business. This interview happens in front of your computer (or tablet), from the comfort of your own office or home.

During the interview, we’ll cover topics like what you would like the website to highlight, help us clarify who your customer is, how they think, what they’re looking (searching) for when they seek you out, etc. It’s a pretty comprehensive interview and it takes a little time to complete. However, we want you to get a website that will establish your authority and help you rank as highly as possible on the search engine page – like – whenever a prospective customer is looking for what you offer. We’ll also ask you to include information about your competitors online presence and examples that illustrate what you have in mind. Although we think it’s a really bad idea to copy somebody else’s site, drawing inspiration from your competition is a different story altogether!

After the interview, we’ll “go away” for a short while to configure a “Development site” where we’ll create a proposed design for you. This proposed design will be made available to you via your very own and private “Client Area“. This area exists for you to communicate directly with our engineers and designers. You can use it to make any comments, provide our designers with feedback about the proposal in full privacy, all without anybody else looking over your shoulder. Our goal is to not only create an affordable, well designed, website for you, but to create a website that you’ll love and will want to brag – suitably, of course – a little about.

The Client Area is also where you can provide us with any text (copy) you would like us to use on your web pages. We typically expect you to create and upload the text – copy – for the pages included in the Basic Website Design Package. These pages consist of up to 3 pages, your front landing page, the “About” page, as well as one “Featured Product” (or service) page. If you prefer, we can also be hired to help you create this text for you using the language and tone your branding and target market requires.

Eventually, after the review cycle is complete, we’ll start the process of transitioning your newly designed site to a live and public location so both you and your customers can start to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep in mind that we include one (1) free review & feedback session – with follow-up comments & corrections on any resulting changes – in the basic design package, so make sure the feedback you provide is as complete as possible!

My Site is live, now what?

A website is a dynamic entity. Even when you’re not planning on making many changes to the pages you have created for your beautiful new website, there may be trouble lurking in the shape of online vandalism. The best way to keep your shiny new site up and running is to make sure you or somebody you trust maintain and update the technology on your website.

If you’re a little bit tech-savvy, with some spare time to burn, the simplicity of the WordPress platform will allow almost anybody to maintain most aspects of their online marketing presence themselves.

However, if you would rather not spend your time learning about a new technology or, you’re one of the many who just don’t want to deal with the technology directly, we have several WordPress Site Management Plan options you can choose from, conveniently billed on a monthly recurring basis.

We offer WordPress Site Management Plans

You want some help to keep your site secure and available for your customers to see? Sure thing!

Need to make sure you know what to do in order to climb or maintain your position in search results? We have a plan for that!

Pick one of our Wordpress Site Management plans, then sit back and don’t worry about it.

Based on your skills, needs and desire for control, you may select either of our Bronze, Sliver, Gold or Platinum WordPress Site Management plans. Then rest assured that we will take care of any maintenance issues, software upgrades, security scans and search engine optimization activities (in accordance with the service level agreement – plan level you have selected).

So you’ve noticed that the press is talking about some big new webserver security problem, and you’re worried your site may be affected or vandalized as a result? Don’t worry. We monitor the security related online community continuously, and there’s a high chance we have already installed a fix or implemented a workaround for your business website.

What you need to do?

Just pick one of the maintenance plans we have available and enjoy seeing your website online. All without any long-term contracts to tie you up. Yes, you read that right. We do not tie you up in long-term website management contracts. Nor do we make it a pain in the a** to change the type WordPress Site Management Plan from month to month.

As a matter of fact, if you’d like to try our various plans and how they’ll work for you, just pick one for one month, change to the next one for the next month, etc. We – almost – dare you to try them all until you find the one that fits your needs the best.

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