We want to provide great support in a timely fashion. To give you a better idea of what that means, we’ve created these Product Support Guidelines. The last thing you should be doing is to wonder if you’ll get a response from our support team.

To provide a good and responsive support experience, we’ll try to be clear about what we can and cannot do for you. We want to make sure you have the best resources and information available. That also means the confidence that if your need help, we’ll be around to give you a hand.

This page is here to help guide you, and get the best support we can give you. We want you to know what we can do. To give you clear instructions about how to escalate your request if you need it. What you can do to ensure work on your request during weekends and holidays, if needed.

General Support Guidelines

First we have our support forums. These are available to registered members of the site. The forums are not intended to create hoops to jump through. We have them to help make the most of everyone’s time and efforts.

We have one forum for each of our premier add-on plugins, and a general forum for our free add-on plugins. Although you can post you questions at any time, we work in the support forums between 10AM and 2PM US MST/MDT.

You can post any product support question in the corresponding Support Forum. When you are thorough in filling out the support request template, we can help you faster and better. The support request template contains a number of questions and actions for your to do. If you read it and do them all, we should be able to solve your problem(s) quickly.

By the way; If you post in the forum at 3PM Mountain Time on a Friday, there’s a real chance we won’t be able to respond before Monday. At the earliest. For that we apologize in advance.

Weekend and Holiday Support: As we’re sure you can understand, our guys need time off as well. This is why we don’t work during the weekends, or on holidays.

Sometimes that doesn’t work with your schedule.

We get it.

We have all had that critical error as we approach a deadline, and been stuck. Those are the days when a Monday to Friday support forum won’t work for you.

To give you an option, we offer a per thread escalation service. When you buy this escalation service, we assign a support resource to work on your issue over the weekend or holiday. That resource will try their best to solve your problem. BUT, buying the escalation does not come with a “we’ll have it fixed” guarantee! The only guarantee we can make is that we will work on your issue over the weekend or holiday. You can buy this service whenever you need it.

Programmers: There are times when you just need a pro to come in and work their magic. You might be stuck on a specific issue that you’re unable to find a solution for. You have a big web design project coming up. You need a pro to work alongside you, or just take over and get it done for you. Whatever the circumstance, we will be happy to help you as best we can.

The point of these product support guidelines is to help you have a good experience. At the same time, we have to balance support with making sure we can have a high level of productivity for our team.

We want you to have confidence in our ability to provide answers when you need help.

Support Response Times

As mentioned above, we feel it’s important to set accurate expectations. For forum based product support, we try to be as responsive as possible. Sometimes we may be able to go above and beyond, but that’s not the norm.

We do not guarantee our response times. We also do not make guarantees for when we’ll be able to deliver a fix or resolution for your problem. Response time promises only apply to our initial reply to your inquiry.

When can you generally expect to receive a response after your support request?

  • During regular weekdays, we try to respond within 1 business day of you posting your message.
  • During weekends and holidays we will work to respond to the incoming threads in the order we get them. We’ll still be trying to respond within a business day. Unless you have purchased an escalation service.

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  1. Hi there.
    I cant seem to find your support forums lol = ideally, I’m looking for a setup guide for the E20 Sequences PMPro plugin.
    I’m having some issues getting my head around how to set this up, and how to import a Series from PMPro Drip = I can recreate that, but if you have a quick setup guide that would help me dramatically
    Thanks in Advance~
    This site = https://newhome.theimprovisorsguide.com/

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