Access denied messages by Membership Level

Access Denied!

Level specific message

Changing your default “access denied” message for posts and pages is, as you know, fairly easy in Paid Memberships Pro:

[s3mm type=”video” files=”change-access-denied-message.mp4″ titles=”Change ‘Access Denied’ message in Paid Memberships Pro”]

But what if you want a custom message for a membership level? A custom message that will be different, depending on the membership level needed to access that post or page?

Doing that is unfortunately not quite as simple…

It requires using a couple of different WordPress/PMPro filters and creating PHP code.

The good news?

We’ve created some custom code you can use (See below).

The code is pretty – we think – easy to add to your site. As simple as a “copy and paste” operation:

  • Create an empty custom_advanced_settings.phpfile in a custom-advanced-settings directory on your computer/laptop
  • Copy the entire contents of the PHP script below
  • Paste it into the new custom_advanced_settings.php file
  • Edit the pca_get_level_messages() function to both match your Membership Level IDs – found on the “Membership Levels” settings page for Paid Memberships Pro – and edit the text for your message.

There are 3 different messages you can edit:

Your not_logged_in message is used when the user attempting to access a post or page (the content) but is not logged in to the system.

PMPro’s rss message is used when someone is denied access to the RSS stream for that post/page.

The non_member message is used when the user is logged in, but they do not have the correct membership level to see the post/page they’ve navigated to.

In the comments, there’s Format: section which explains what the structure needs to look like. It’s a fairly straight forward PHP array() of arrays() structure.

The membership level ID is the key that helps us identify which messages we can choose from.