GST Calculation for Paid Memberships Pro

Taxes isn’t something Paid Memberships Pro does all that well. Foreign taxes, like the Australian GST tax, well…

By default, there is only the single rate state tax field in the “Payment Settings” page for Paid Memberships Pro.

If you look at the United States, there are some 10 000 (yes, ten thousand!) tax municipalities. They all have their own rules. 

Taxes are, in other words, somewhat difficult to get right, and that’s just in a single country.

Then we have “the world” to consider. And, well, then the wheels basically come off.

True, there are WordPress plugin options “out there” that do a more comprehensive job than what the PMPro Tax calculations do. Even then there are (huge) gaps in how well it’s being done, compared to what local tax regulations required.

Since I’m located in the USA, I’m not a tax professional and I don’t have access to one, make sure to run the following GIST by your local tax professional. It’s a GIST to calculate the Australian GST. 

The plugin sets the default country to “Australia” on the PMPro Checkout page. It also adds a checkbox to the Checkout page. This is to ask the buyer to self-identify as an Australian resident, if they indeed are.

This plugin is a best-effort based on input from a customer of mine. You may need to consider it nothing more than a starting point.

If your tax professional decides this is good enough for what you need, please proceed.

Install the plugin by creating a directory on your computer named pmpro-australian-gst.

In that directory, create an empty file. Name it pmpro-australian-gst.php.

Then paste the full content of the GIST I’ve included below into this file.

Before you save the file, update the value of the PMPRO_AGST_TAX_RATE constant on line #40 to whatever tax percentage you need. 

Upload the new file and directory to your web server, in the WordPress plugins directory.

Then, in the “Plugins” list of your WordPress back-end admin interface, activate the “Paid Memberships Pro -Australian GST” plugin.

Bob’s yer uncle!