Available Developer Services for Paid Memberships Pro and WordPressPaid Memberships Pro is a 100% free, search engine optimized membership site plugin for your WordPress(tm) based website. Using PMPro you can;

  • sell your digital content,
  • build a loyal tribe of followers,
  • use customized online advertising to generate revenue,
  • build a paid membership forum,
  • or a paid or advertising supported Facebook clone.

PMPro supports unlimited membership levels. You can receive payment via PayPal, PayPal Express, Stripe.com, BrainTree, Authorize.net and a number of third-party payment gateways. If you need trial memberships or discount codes, and an almost unlimited number of flexible pricing models for your membership levels, PMPro is the solution for you. Because PMPro does nothing to change the pages or posts it protects, you can basically use any theme to style your site, and your membership content, however you want.

That’s a lot of freedom!

The problem with all this freedom is that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. That’s where I can help.

Paid Memberships Pro + Me = Your Problem Solved

I’m a developer who frequently contributes to the Paid Memberships Pro Membership WordPress plugin. I’m also a senior support team member and frequent the Paid Memberships Pro Support Forums. In that role, I have daily interactions with our users in the PMPro Support Forum. For you, that means that I have an expert understanding of the PMPro plugin, and the WordPress platform itself. This puts me in a unique position to help you with your WordPress CMS based membership site.

Having spent 15 years in the IT industry, working for some of the biggest computer companies on the planet, I know a thing or two about how to translate your problems, ideas, and vision into a piece of software that will meet your business needs.  I have years of experience as the guy you talk to on the phone for help, as well as the engineer who helps Fortune 10 companies with their biggest technical computer problems.

I’ve spent 10 years as a software product planner and program manager. That means I was the person who mostly collected business problems, and product requirements from users. I would translate those needs and wants of the end customer to descriptions and requirements that made sense to the software developer. Once we know what we needed to build, we’d work together across large and complex solutions to design a solution.

Of course, what you need won’t require that much effort or planning, but the process isn’t all that different. You have a problem or a need you need resolved. I can help you identify how to figure out how to solve it, and then actually implement that solution for you.

In other words; I know how to build software that solves business problems.

Do you need help with

  • getting started with a new WordPress based membership site;
  • extending a Paid Memberships Pro feature for your existing membership site;
  • creating custom email templates
  • adding a web interface to one of the existing PMPro add-ons
  • creating custom PMPro pages
  • developing a custom PMPro payment gateway;
  • developing a custom WordPress plugin

Available services

I offer the fixed price “Do It For Me” service which includes up to 5 hours of custom WordPress programming. If you know exactly what you need, please feel free to use the signup form, and let’s get started.

If you have a slightly more vague idea of what you think you need, but aren’t quite ready to describe it in terms of how the user(s) will need to interact and experience this feature, capability or system you have in mind, reach out using our contact form, describe your vision and we’ll take it from there.

If your challenge is that you have no idea whether what you need takes 5 hours or 50 hours to complete, let’s start with an email exchange where we start with you explaining the problem you’re trying to solve.