You need support for your Paid Memberships Pro site and it’s the weekend, or worse a holiday weekend.

You’re rushing to complete your project, but then you’re stuck.

Maybe it’s a technical problem, a bug, or something you don’t know how to get done. It doesn’t matter which.

What matters is that the earliest you can expect to get help is the next business day.

It’s frustrating to have a time critical support issue, and then not be able to get the help you need until Monday. Or, shudder, until after the holidays…

If only there was a way to get the attention of an experienced WordPress developer?

To get you the help right now. When you need it the most. Regardless of the day of the week.

There is!

We offer weekend and holiday support escalation services for the following WordPress plugins:

Just complete the following form and we’ll get cracking at your issue as soon as possible. Make sure you read the restrictions below before you click the “Pay” button!

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Support Restrictions

  • You’re paying for a single incident. That means the fee you pay is for weekend or holiday help with the one thread or incident you specify in the order form.
  • This is not a 24 hour service. We all need our sleep to be effective worker bees. If we receive your request after 7PM MDT / MST, you can expect us to respond no sooner than next morning.
  • This service ensures that our experts start working on the problem right away, but we cannot guarantee that we’ll resolve your topic within a certain timeframe. There are simply too many variables and dependencies for it to be possible for us to guarantee a “time-to-resolution”.