Braintree Subscriptions Export

Linking your Braintree Subscriptions with your PMPro Member records is actually pretty easy with the “Import Members from CSV for Paid Memberships Pro” plugin.

To successfully link Paid Memberships Pro and your existing Braintree subscriptions, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the required information in the import .csv file.

As a result, the import .csv file will need to minimally include the following columns of data:

  • ID / user_login / user_email
  • membership_id
  • pmpro_braintree_customerid
  • membership_status
  • membership_gateway
  • membership_gateway_environment
  • membership_payment_subscription_id
  • membership_initial_payment
  • membership_billing_amount
  • membership_cycle_number
  • membership_cycle_period

You can obviously add a lot of other information too. Information such as billing information fields, etc.

You don’t need to include any of that information if the the member’s user record/membership is on the server. That is, unless you want to update the info again.

Keep in mind that if you import the start and/or end date for the user’s membership – I.e. the membership_startdate and membership_enddate columns – those date values have to use the MySQL datetime format.

I know i keep reiterating this in multiple places, but it seems like something people forget.

Here it is again;

If the date formats in the Import Members from CSV (.csv file) do not conform to the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format, the data in that row in the .csv import file will not be imported.

If you can’t find the membership_payment_subscription_id data on your local system, you can find it for all of your active Braintree Subscriptions in your Braintree dashboard.

When the export is complete, it’s available for download as a .csv file from Braintree (covered in the How-To video below).

The How-To is both quick and silent:

[s3mm type=”video” files=”export-active-subscriptions-from-braintree.mp4″ titles=”Export Active Subscription from” /]

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