Paid Memberships Pro Plugin

Paid Memberships Pro is a free membership plugin for the platform. The plugin has a number of add-ons and is targeted at the small business and solopreneur/entrepreneur. Although the plugin is very extensible, there is an expectation that it is deployed by people who understand and are comfortable with programming.

The “normal” way to extend PMPro is by way of custom code or “code gists”. For some, this represents a higher threshold of use than what they’re comfortable with. In response, we have created a number of add-ons/plugins that resolve or improve on the ‘gist’ approach. They all include one-click update support.

The plugins listed under the “Paid Memberships Pro Plugins” category on this site are intended to simplify using and customizing the PMPro environment. We’ve tried to design them for you if you’re comfortable with installing WordPress plugins, but you aren’t a programmer, nor feel comfortable with programming.

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