E20R Directory for PMPro

$39.00 / year

A better and more flexible plugin for public, or members-only, searchable Paid Memberships Pro directory and member profile pages.

This plugin replaces the Paid Memberships Pro Member Directory and Profile Pages add-on


This E20R Directory Pages for Paid Memberships Pro plugin replaces, but remains fully compatible with, the PMPro Member and Profile add-on.

In addition to the functionality provided by the PMPro add-on, this plugin supports:

  • Easy extension of the search functionality of a directory
    • Exact search of Register Helper field data
    • Fuzzy search of Register Helper field data
    • Adding custom search fields/drop-downs
    • Filtering (search) with custom URLs
  • Member only access to the user’s specific profile page (short code attribute) (default is public access to view)
  • Configure more than one Directory and Profile page on the site from the PMPro Settings –> Page Settings page
  • Logged in member/user can edit or view their own profile information directly from the directory page (no need for a separate “Edit Profile” page link).
  • Single attribute to include/exclude Billing and Shipping address information on the profile and directory page(s)
  • Adds PMPro Billing Address information to the user’s WP Profile page. This way a member/user may edit their billing information without having to also edit/update their Credit Card info on the PMPro Billing Information page
  • Simple configuration of sort and sort order with a short code attribute
    • No need to post a support topic and understanding the internals of the WordPress database so you can sort records by first/last name – simply specify the order_by="last_name" or order_by="first_name" attribute
    • We also support sorting by membership level name, start or end date of the membership, user’s initial sign-up date, their email address, etc)



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