Single Use Trial Membership for Paid Memberships Pro

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Treat a membership level as a “Single-use Trial Membership”. Once a new member has signed up for the trial membership, they can’t do it again. This lasts for as long as their user account exists on your website.

Includes one-click update support for add-on updates and enhancements.

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2 reviews for Single Use Trial Membership for Paid Memberships Pro

  1. Pablo Romero

    Work perfect thanks

  2. Leigh Wiltshire

    Using it with Payfast as my payment gateway – selecting the trial membership just results in a refreshing of the membership page. No registration is possible.
    Tried to find an FAQ or similar on the site here, but the closest was support forums, but the link to them results in a 404.

    • Thomas Sjolshagen


      Thank you for this report.

      I have only tested this plugin with the standard Payment Gateways for Paid Memberships Pro (Payfast wasn’t – yet(?) – a standard payment gateway for PMPro when I last tested the plugin).

      I’ll do my best to test when I have a moment and apologies for the delayed response to your comment!

    • Thomas Sjolshagen

      I just had an opportunity to test this plugin and had enabled the PayFast sandbox as the payment gateway for Paid Memberships Pro.

      Unfortunately, after a couple of hours of trying with PMPro v2.2.2, PMPro PayFast v0.8.3 and Single Use Trial Subscription for Paid Memberships Pro v2.1, I am unable to reproduce the issue you’re reporting.

      I would need admin access to your site in order to troubleshoot this further. I suspect some other plugin/theme may be interacting with my (this) plugin, PMPro and the PMPro PayFast gateway, and that is what’s causing the issue you’re seeing.

      It is not caused by PMPro + PMPro PayFast + Single Use Trial Subscription for Paid Memberships Pro.

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