The WordPress plugins on this page are free to download (Unless we tell you otherwise). We wrote them to make it easier to set up your Paid Memberships Pro website.

As developers, we love how easy to use the WordPress platform is. We also love how powerful it is.

This means:

  • When we create a plugin, we do it for people who are not developers or technology wizards;
  • Where it makes sense, we like to change settings for a plugin with a mouse, not with code;
  • We also pay do things that a developer likes;
  • We love hooks and filters to change a plugin.

Please use your email address to register and download the free WordPress plugins.

We will use your email address to tell you that we updated a plugin, or service. We will never sell or give away your email address.

Thanks in advance for your support!

PS: Please take a look at the services we have. Then let us know how we can help you and your business!

Our lawyers ask that we track who downloaded our software.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

“Where are the downloads???” and “I completed the free sign-up form, but there are no downloads shown?”

First of all,  thank you!

Are you seeing the “Free downloads” status message (below)?

If you do not, but instead see a similar form asking for your name and email address, please complete the form. Click the “Submit for downloads” page. We will create an account for you, and log you in. The account gives you access to our downloads.

If you do not, but you know you have an account on this site. Please log in to your account first. Then return to this page.

If you do, just click the “Submit for downloads page” button. This will reload the page for you, and the list of downloads should show up.

About the Developer

Thomas is a senior member in the Paid Memberships Pro support team, plus an expert Paid Memberships Pro developer. When he’s not creating programs, Thomas works on advanced Paid Memberships Pro questions.

As a developer, he often updates the Paid Memberships Pro platform:

  • Creating the MailChimp API library for the PMPro/Mailchimp add-on;
  • Fixing and updating the PMPro/Stripe Payment Gateway;
  • Documenting how the payment gateway work;
  • Bug fixes and updates to the core Paid Memberships Pro plugin
  • Ongoing bug fixes and enhancements to the Free and Plus Add-ons for Paid Memberships Pro
  • Interest Group for the MailChimp/PMPro add-on;
  • Adding a settings page to the Sponsored Memberships add-on;
  • E20R Sequences: A simple to use, yet advanced post and page drip feed plugin;

Thomas also develops custom software solutions for WordPress.