The Eighty/20 Results "Roles for Paid Memberships Pro" plugin takes a modular approach to extending its functionality and integrations. The basic plugin is free and will assign a membership level specific role to new members whenever they sign up, or are assigned a membership level on your site.

This role can then be used by 3rd party plugins to show/hide navigation menus, etc, based off of the new user's membership level.

In addition, we have developed add-on modules for this plugin. These add-on modules will manage specific integrations in the membership context. For instance, with the bbPress Forum module active, you can assign fine-grained forum access permissions to a membership level.

For the BuddyPress add-on, we support showing/hiding specific BuddyPress pages/services based on the membership level assigned to the user.

The Level Capabilities add-on can be used to assign access to various privileged WordPress operations based on the user's membership level.

This plugin supports the Multiple Memberships Per User module for Paid Memberships Pro.

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Roles for Paid Memberships Pro Add-On Modules

bbPress Forum

Assign viewing and posting privilege permissions by membership level for the forum(s), topic(s) or replies in your bbPress Forum. Allow non-members to read forum topics and replies to help improve site SEO, and simplify searching for topics or issues.

Level Capabilities

Assign WordPress capabilities to members based on their purchased membership level(s).
Use capabilities + membership levels to handle WordPress management tasks, etc.


Assign access to BuddyPress specific pages and capabilities by membership level. Show/Hide activity streams, etc depending on the user's purchased membership.

The activation licenses will be automatically renewed annually and per 5 sites.