Use MailChimp Groups (or Interest Categories) and Interests with Paid Memberships Pro to segment your MailChimp lists.

With the default Paid Memberships Pro MailChimp add-on, you have a very limited number of Merge Fields (3!) you can create and assign. Those 3 are in addition to the default fields[1] included by the PMPro MailChimp add-on.

A lot of people do use Merge Tags to segment users in a list, but it’s probably not the most effective approach.

Instead, the PMPro team suggests using multiple lists and subscribing the members/users to each list. This is to simplify segmenting for different membership levels.

The downside is repeated instances of a member’s email address in different lists. This is even more true if the user transitions between membership levels.

As you know, each email address instance counts and will eventually increase the cost of the service.

MailChimp Interests and PMPro/WooCommerce

MailChimp – on the other hand – is built to handle list segmentation with Groups / Interest Categories / Interests.

Basically, one email address, one list, multiple different interests/membership levels and information. This approach can save you a lot of money!

The distribution list configuration we use lets you segment your campaigns, broadcasts, etc based on specific interests or groups.

The E20R MailChimp Interest Groups for Paid Memberships Pro or WooCommerce plugin also handles segmenting for ‘cancelled members’.

This makes it a lot easier to send then custom campaigns.

By default, when selecting “PMPro” as the integration option, the plugin will create a “PMPro Membership Levels” Group.  In that group, it will add one Interest per configured membership level.

When selecting “WooCommerce” as the integration option, the plugin will create one interest group per WooCommerce Product Category.

To configure more groups/interests for a list, as it relates to a specific membership level, you can assign one or more interests or interest groups to a Membership Level.

You’re also free to add more Groups and Interests to your list by using the administrator interface.

Those interests can then be assigned by checking them off in a Graphical User Interface (requires license), or with custom programming.

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