If you’re not super experienced with this “techy stuff”, let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your WordPress site safe.

Wordpress Site Management by WordPress Professionals
WordPress Site Management by WordPress Professionals

Overview of WordPress Site Management Plans

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Gold WordPress site management plan

The “Let somebody else deal with the basic geek stuff” plan.

If your site is for a small business and you make infrequent updates to your site, this is probably the plan you should select.

We update your software ( plugins, themes and WordPress itself) and generate monthly backups of your entire site.

Platinum WordPress site management plan

The  “sit back and relax, we have it covered” plan.

This the best WordPress site management plan we offer for non-techies.

Or, in business speak; This plan is for business owners looking to optimize their online presence without wasting time and money on technology minutia.

As a business owner, you focus on creating great content, sales copy and selling.

Our nerds will manage, secure and preserve the technology of your site.

Since the typical web user moves on unless your website loads and displays within 1-5 seconds, this plan also includes performance services should you want/need them.

We’ll provide you with solutions to help you avoid attempted break-ins. We also scan your site for security issues regularly.

We also make sure your site isn’t blacklisted by checking the leading search engines.

Taking twice-daily backups of your content means you’ll spend a lot less time recreating your hard work. We store the backup on our secure and remote storage (in the cloud).

Obviously, we also restore your site whenever you need us to.

Lastly, we can send you a monthly report of what we’ve updated on your site, plus information about how much time it has spent unavailable (so you can “have  a conversation” with your hosting provider, should it be necessary!).


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